Hello summer reading! Get your mini book passport
Hello summer reading! Get your mini book passport

Hello summer reading

One of our most important goals is to stimulate reading. Especially for our youngest community members, reading is an essential way to discover the world, develop language and broaden horizons. That’s why the BNK developed the National reading program, Ban Lesa; to contribute to the development of reading skills of children.. The summer holiday is around the corner, a great time to keep up with reading skills and the wonders of stories. That’s why the BNK came up with the Mini Book Passport. A fun filled way to reward children to keep on reading during the summer holiday. Hoe does it work?

Get your Mini Book Passport at the BNK and start collecting stickers. How to get your stickers:
Children in school groups 1 – 5 get a sticker in their passport by handing in a drawing, book report or a collage related to the book they’ve read.
Children in school group 6 can submit either a drawing or a book report consisting of a minimum of 50 words.
Groups 7 and 8: by submitting a book report consisting of a minimum of 100 words, they collect a sticker.

A total of 5 stickers can be collected, after which Mini Book Passport holders receive an award and a gift. The Mini Book Passport Program starts on July 8th and children have until August 12th to hand in their Mini Book Passports for their award and prizes. For a summer full of reading fun, collect your Mini Book Passport today at BNK.

For more information about the program call us on 434-5226 or send us an email at lesa@bnk.cw. Don’t forget to visit our Facebook page for the latest updates.

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