Dennis Aalse
Dennis Aalse



Dennis Aalse (Curaçao, 1965) studied Classical music and jazz at the Sweelinck Conservatorium in Amsterdam and music therapy at the Hogeschool Utrecht. Dennis is a musician, composer, arranger and music teacher. He can play the trumpet, trombone, tuba, horn and the piano. He is the founder of the Dennis Aalse Big Band. Furthermore, he is the musical director of Stichting Artefamia Productions and the children’s band 3MGN (Dreamgene).

Dennis has performed in the following bands, among others: AKEDE/Relampago/Toque de Mujer (own bands, specialized in Caribbean music); Amstelveen Symfonie Orkest led by Saskia Boon (Classical music); FRA FRA Sound led by Vincent Henar (Jazz/Surinam Beebop); Boogie Woogie led by Jaap Dekker (Jazz/Blues/Mainstream); Zamanakitoki led by Eric Calmes (Caribbean Jazz). He has produced more than 800 CD-recordings, including for Dhaddy Brokke, Oscar Hernandez (USA), Ced Ride, Tony Sherman, ERA, Edsel Juliet and Gordon.
Over the years he has composed and arranged for various bands such as Oscar Harris, Rick Breeze (Through my eyes), William Souvenir, Tutty Hansen (Ban bèk n’e rais), Hensley Ogenia (Christmas Wish), Orquesta AKEDE ( Amor de mis sueños), Cyrille van Hoof (Crazy from the heart).

He is currently a music teacher at Ban Bria (MBO), SGP (VSBO) and FOSK.