The Library

The Curaçao National Library Frank Martinus Arion is located in the outskirts of our city centre Punda on the Fokkerweg 17 / Schottegatweg Zuid 36.

We offer the following departments:

The Children’s department
The Young and Adults department
The National Document department

Children's Department

Here children from 0 to 13 years can visit and borrow books and e-books.

Youth & Adult's department

This section is for individuals aged 13 and up. Here we have reading and viewing material available in Papiamentu, English, Spanish, Dutch and even in Mandarin.

Study Hall

Here students will find a quiet space to do their homework, work on school projects or study for exams.

National Documentation

The National Documentation section is in essence one of the main reasons our Library is named the Curaçao National Library.

Literary Museum

One of the main objectives of our Literary Museum is to give a plethora of information about the literature of Papiamentu.

Sports Museum

This museum will be dedicated to the history and evolution of sports in Curaçao. Stay tuned for more information.

Ask us

If you need help or have a question or suggestion, you can reach Library staff by chat, email or phone during open hours.


Support your library

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