Library tours for elementary school children

We give tours of the library to elementary school children at three stages of their primary education: the first grade, the third grade and the sixth grade.

At the first grade level (children aged 4) we give first graders a playful introduction to the library, working on book promotion by letting them experience the wonders of books and how fun reading is. Because it really is!

When they reach the third grade (children aged 6) their visit to the library consists primarily of the following activities: learning to read, being busy with letters and learning about the different types of books / media that exist. This all takes place with the eventual objective of making the visiting children excited about books so they can better enjoy children’s books and poems.

During the tour for sixth graders (children aged 9) we show them the different types of books we have, teach them how to search for books in the library and recognize the genre or subject of a book. Aside from prompting their interest in reading, the aim of this tour is to also get them acquainted with our extensive variety of books and other reading and viewing material.

We also aim to develop their information skills during this tour, helping them develop their ability to identify, find, evaluate and manage the information they need. This skill will be of vital importance throughout their academic career. In addition to this we also give them a chance to become a member of the library and choose a book to go home with.


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Plan di Fakansi 2021

Kòrsou; Biblioteka Nashonal Kòrsou den fakansi grandi ta sigui traha pa promové i stimulá lesamentu. Hasiendo esaki via di: "Pop-up Bibliotheek", Pasaporte di Buki chiki i Plan di fakansi. Membresia ta grátis te ku 21 di ougùstùs 2021 pa tur persona. Ku "Pop-up Bibliotheek" ta bai te den bario serka esnan ku no por yega [...]

Mini Pasaporte di Buki

MBP Mini Pasaporte di buki   Willemstad – Awe nos a kuminsá risibí nos promé MPB. Lesamentu ta hopi importante pa desaroyo intelektual di muchanan i pa tene muchanan aktivo ku lesamentu den fakansi tambe Biblioteka Nashonal di Kòrsou (BNK) ta bai lansa e proyekto Mini Pasaporte di Buki, den fakansi grandi te ku 14 [...]

Mini Pasaporte di Buki 2021

Mini Pasaporte di buki Willemstad – Lesamentu ta hopi importante pa desaroyo intelektual di muchanan i pa tene muchanan aktivo ku lesamentu den fakansi tambe Biblioteka Nashonal di Kòrsou (BNK) ta bai lansa e proyekto Mini Pasaporte di Buki, den fakansi grandi. For di 10 di yüli te ku 14 di ougùstùs 2021 tur mucha [...]

Digicel ta hasi donashon na Biblioteka Nashonal Kòrsou

WILLEMSTAD:  Resientemente Digicel Kòrsou a kumpli ku e di dos aña di akuerdo ku a firmá ku Biblioteka Nashonal Kòrsou (BNK) pa durante 3 aña konsekutivo patrosiná e kompra di un kantidat di buki. Digicel konhuntamente ku BNK tin awor algun tempu trahando riba diferente plan di promoshon di lesamentu. E bukinan keda usá den [...]

Membresia grátis na Biblioteka

Biblioteka Nashonal Kòrsou den kuadro di stimulá lesamentu ta bai tin un kampaña di membresia.   Membresia Di 21 di yüni te ku 21 di ougùstùs tur persona por bira miembro grátis di Biblioteka Nashonal Kòrsou. Pa bira miembro bo mester subi nos pagina di wèp i yena e formulario di registrashon. Alabes por [...]

Pòp-òp na Sentro di Bario Seru Papaya

Biblioteka Nashonal Kòrsou a lansa ayera 7 di yüni su servisio di pòp-òp den bario di Seru Papaya. Durante di e enkuentro aki nos koleganan a duna demonstrashon kon bira miembro di BNK, kon pa lesa buki digital riba i nos “Online Bibliotheek” ku mas di 28.000 buki na Hulandes. Muchanan por a praktiká [...]


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Importansia di lesa kuminsando for di e fase preparatorio ku Mercee Doran. Sera konosí ku fasenan di desaroyo importante ku...
Wednesday, 25 November 2020, 19:00

Mini Pasaporte Di Buki 2020

The mini book passport program is part of BNK's National Reading Program Ban Lesa. Calling all kids to get their...
Monday, 13 July 2020, 06:00

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