There is never a dull moment at the National Library as every day brings a new challenge which we eagerly manage.

And now we are elevating our services to even greater heights to meet the demands of the evolving modern age.

The work atmosphere

The work atmosphere is very inspired, the job very rewarding. We can really feel how we are helping our community when we see individuals improve in their daily lives as a result of our services.

We see children advance in their grades at school, reading proficiency, articulation, and their ability to give presentations. We see politicians make use of our reading material to improve themselves. We also see contestants in Curaçao’s massively popular Tumba festival visit the National Library to do research for their compositions and compose them right here in our facilities, several of which have gone on to win the competition!

Thus we really feel proud of how, as suppliers of information, we are helping to develop our community.

Job openings

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Looking to intern or volunteer?

With regards to interning our preference goes out to students from colleges or universities who serve more long-term interning periods of 5 to 6 months. Interns or volunteers can help organizing the books, assisting with the marketing, helping at the counter or reading books to visitors.

Ask us

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