Our café

We invite you to come and enjoy our café, with its simple elegance and pleasantly comfortable ambiance.

Whether you want to have a nice coffee, grab a quick a bite or have some nice tea while you lounge and read a book, you will find what you’re looking for here.

Meal of
the day

Piska Hasa

NAFL 14,-

The traditional meal, served with a warm tomato paprika sauce, fried plantains, salad and cooked funchi. Prepared with love.

A little more

Bon bini to BNK’s café. Allow us to enchant you with our local hospitality, inviting you to relax and take the time to enjoy our cozy and welcoming atmosphere.

As a library we are committed to being purveyors of information to the general public. This implies that we wish to feed their mind with nourishment that will make it grow. And naturally we want to feed their stomach with the nourishment that will sustain that growth. For this reason we offer many healthy options on our menu.

In the past five years we had been adhering to a certain format when it came to our café and we have now rebranded it into a theme that’s more in keeping with modern times. This includes lounge chairs, high tables and many other accessories, ornaments and furniture to make the visitor feel as comfortable as possible.



Shrimp cocktails NAFL 16.50,-

Local shrimp’s served with a light chili sauce

Caesar salad NAFL 10.50,-

Lettuce tossed in a traditional Caesar dressing

Fried calamari NAFL 15.75,-

Lettuce tossed in a traditional Caesar dressing


Fresh catch of the day NAFL 33.25,-

From the local sea. Your choice of preparation-broiled or panfried with lemon and butter, garlic or creole sauce

Calco Stoba (Stewed Conch) NAFL 47.25,-

Fresh conch the Aruban way with Creole or Garlic sauce

Caribbean lobster tail Market Price

Broiled and served with drawn lemon butter or with the famous “Termidor Cream Sauce”, topped with parmesan cheese

Desserts & Coffee

Spanish Coffee NAFL 13.50,-

With Tia Maria and Brandy

Quesillo (Flan) NAFL 8.00,-

Chocolati Pinda NAFL 7.00,-

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